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Terms Our Rates
6 Months 3.30 %
1 Year 3.19 %
2 Years 3.14 %
3 Years 2.89 %
4 Years 3.02 %
5 Years 2.89 %
7 Years 3.14 %
10 Years 3.19 %
Current Prime 3.95 %
5 Year Variable 2.90 %

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Client Testimonials

Listen to what some of our clients are saying:

Testimonial Quote
Hi Sue Thank you so much for all your help with this huge transition in my life....who would have known my Mortgage Broker would be my biggest advocate and key player throughout this process. I thought your job was to find me a bank, but I thank you for so much more. I will definitely forward your name on to anyone I know who is buying a house.

- Lisa

Testimonial Quote
Hi Sue, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and time that you put into helping Steve and I. You made me feel like we had been friends for a life time.

- Carol

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